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Using our mobile app farmers can monitor their pond data from smart-phone,enabling the farmer to access data remotely to ensure the best output.


Our cloud analytic platform suggests farmers to adjust the feed based on water quality data on a regular basis, empowering them to get a better FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio).


Intelligent algorithms control the aerators automatically based on DO levels. This leads to a reduction in power bills for farmers,thereby increasing their profit margin.


When water quality drops, real time voice alerts are sent to the farmer's mobile, reduces the risk of shrimp mortality and increasing the quality of the produce.

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Cloud based aquaculture
pond management solutions.

Real-time monitoring of ponds with intelligent control of aerators and feeders, reduces production costs and increases yield and make it sustainable. Significantly reduces the risk for farmer and helps him to increase productivity


Real Time Monitoring

Real time monitoring of DO, pH helps farmers to analyse the pond dynamics and take preventive actions.

Voice Call Alert

Voice call alert in case of low DO levels helps farmers to avoid shrimp mortalities.

Pond Protection

Safeguards your ponds and protects your investments from going in vain.

Automatic Control

Automatic control of aerators based on DO levels reduces energy bills by 20%.

By 2030, fish farming will dominate fish supplies - UN Food and Agriculture Organization.


Automatic feeder

Precise automatic feeder with Smart controls. Enabling you to monitor the feed for your fish with all of the latest technology.

Intelligent feeder

Adjusts the feed based on water quality and weather data, ensures that shrimp get correct amount of feed intelligently.

Feeding schedules

Feeding schedules can be configured from smart-phone app . Using mobile based technology to to optimally feed your shrimp .

Reduces FCR

Reduces FCR by 30%. By reducing feed conversion ratios by over 30 % , profit margins will only go upwards !

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Global capture production of fish, has continued
to increase and has reached 91.3 million tonnes .

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Appetite Based Intelligent Feeding

Underwater acoustics-based feeding system makes PondMother intelligent and feeds the shrimp based on demand.

Superior Production Performance

Feeding the shrimp during optimal conditions leads to better growth

24 x 7 Feeding System

Powered by AI driven device running round the clock, feed is delivered 24 x 7 based on shrimp appetite.

Reduced Feed Wastage

When shrimp are fed on demand, better utilization of feed happens resulting in reduced feed wastage and better pond yield

Spearheading Technology Driven Aquaculture


Pond Management Software

Cloud based pond management software,so that your pond's data is always available on any device for analysis and management.

Feed Records

Records all the feed, because having a clear analysis and understanding of the data you have is crucial for success.


PondGuard and PondMother can be monitored and controlled from here. All the services and solutions integrated under one roof.

Yield analysis

Helps you analyze the yield and take the better decision to harvest the crop based on market prices.

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Now monitoring your pond is just a click away !

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